ReCo2gnition – Scriptwriter’s review

Mark Dowson is not only an author who is aware of the issues concerning climate change and the need for an alternative energy clean energy source, he is also a professional working in the field, whom has copyrighted the design layout and system of the very technology he writes about in his trilogy of books.

ReCo2gnition – More testimonial reviewers?

ReCO2gnition is a fast paced sci-fi thriller that will have the reader pinned to their seat. Not only is the story entertaining, but it is also intellectually stimulating. The characters are fascinating and the narrative is colourful and detailed; Dowson uses words to paint pictures that are vivid and alive. Highest Recommendations!

ReCo2gnition- Nature vs. Wind farms

Wind turbines will mostly impact local people, Niehaus-Uebel said, and therefore, “it’s not up to politicians in other cities that don’t know the area to decide.” Decentralized power supply options are essential, she added, including small private wind turbines installed at home. Author’s comments:
But is small private wind turbines installed on every or nearly every home the best solution for wind farming with nature in mind?
Is decentralized power supply options the answer?

ReCo2gnition – Our future lies beneath our past!

What if we were to uncover from lost artefacts still buried, that the people of Pompeii’s extraordinary ideas in civil engineering and their design philosophies at the time were so far advanced for their time.
We may even uncover some advanced civil engineering or military armoury designs that were planned for the future, by the artists and inventors of Pompeii who were housed in public buildings and breathtaking villas prior to Vesuvius’ erupting in AD 79.

ReCo2gnition- Rethink Climate Change

Technology won’t save us from climate change.

When rethinking climate change, how will economies and societies determine where technologies will take us – and where we will take our technologies?

ReCo2gnition- Inspiration for the Characters

I also felt that due to the protagonist’s trauma he suffered frequent flashbacks similar to James Stewart in Vertigo, which has a big influence on the story, being similar with the story line where the main antagonist disguises her true identity and takes advantage of the protagonist’s trauma.