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“In Mark Dowson’s second in a series, ReCo2gnition – Co-anda 19 Vaccine, Mark pens a story ripped from future headlines. Mark’s storytelling serves as a form of stealth education concerning earth sciences – environmentalism, & climate change, where one is entertained, informed, and motivated for change. His story is not only fictional, but factual through his own research, personal experience and observations of the world. He educates his audience as a polymath on subjects from; history, art history, science, geography, economics, politics, and psychology.”
DENNIS WOODS, author of Black Flag Journals, One Soldier’s Experience in America’s Longest War
“Really impressive debut novel from Mark Dowson and I look forward to Part 2. It’s well researched (very topical) and well paced/plotted. I would put it in the same genre and league as Michael Crichton, Iain M Banks, Dan Brown, et al.
I like Merisi and Grazia and would be interested in seeing more of them. Ben is a little passive/airy in places and I think it works better if he’s considered ‘one of the main characters rather than ‘the main character, but as much as I love character-driven, this is really a plot-driven novel so it doesn’t matter hugely.
Grazia is rather mysterious at this point and for me would be a major motivation to read Part 2 – to find out if she is from the future or is genuinely from our time, and if she has any hidden agenda etc. plus what she is capable of. She creates a nice foil for the more vague professor-like Ben Richards in her energy and proactivity.
While reading it I couldn’t help but feel it would work extremely well in a more visual format – I think it would make a superb TV series. Here’s hoping Prime or Netflix pick it up”
ELIN – Goodreads reviewer.
“ReCo2gnition is an intelligent, well-crafted thriller with great forward
momentum, lots of intrigue, and memorable characters.”
—RADHA SPRATT, Editor of the South Asian Literature Festival’s magazine and The Marlowe Society Journal
“What happens when Science Fiction meets science, art, philosophy, and architecture? Well, naturally, you get a compelling story! Dowson has outdone himself in this second book of the Recognition series. The action ramps up while still delivering insight all designed to help us of this time to avoid mistakes that will make the future wholly unlivable. Thought-provoking and inspiring!”
—JIM ARROWOOD, Sci-Fi Blogger,
“Science fact and science fiction collide in this eco-thriller from Mark Dowson. Two-time travelers from 2112 return to the present day, one to assassinate a wind energy engineer, the other to rescue him—and perhaps save the planet!”
—DOUG PILLEY, Author of Tales from the Multiverse: Stories Beyond Your Imagination
“A convincing portrayal of a potentially dark future, a clear warning that our current lack of commitment and reckless environmental behavior can destroy nature and end our dream of a prosperous future.
“The vision and conviction of the author are not only outstanding but serious. The shorty line is effective in exploring new thinking and even technical solutions.
“It is promising to see that the new generation is taking environmental challenges seriously and trying to spread the idea through storytelling.”
—MAHTAB FARSHCHI, Course Director, University of West London
“If you like crime, mystery and romance all wrapped up in a sci-fi thriller, this is for you. Mark has also introduced today’s global concerns as a crucial theme, and if that isn’t enough, he’s cleverly focused on mental health too. You’ll need to concentrate, but that’s its magic. This, the middle of Mark’s trilogy sets things up nicely for the third book finalé.
Once again it’s a fast-paced read full of thought provoking science
based drama with just a touch of sci-fi to embellish the storyline.
It’s up to date making use of the Coronavirus and yet still manages to draw the reader into the future and the past.
You need to concentrate – but it’s worth it.”
— GRAHAM MILLER, Public Relations Executive at Media-Vu, Media Consultant, Broadcaster at BBC News, Public Relations Advisor, Media trainer
“A great sequel from Mark Dowson to his first installment of ReCO2gnition. Building on the enigmatic characters of the launch volume of ReCO2gnition the author maintains his pursuit of exploring big contemporary challenges to the human condition against the intriguing backdrop of futuristic science fiction. This time it is a pandemic. Another intriguing and enjoyable read.”
— DR. VOLKER BUTTGEREIT, CDir, PhD, DIC, M.Eng, ACGI, Managing Director, FD Global Limited, ‘Designing Large Scale Building-integrated Wind Turbines for the World Trade centre in Bahrain’
“Sci-fi, ecosensitive, time-traveling thriller which alternates between the present and a post-apocalyptic world where a leading scientific genius must be transported to the future to save humanity. Keeps you guessing to the end whether he will succeed or not.”
— JAMES TUTTLE, PhD in Exercise Physiology. Teacher of science. Elite distance runner
“A great read. Time shifting and hi-technology giving a vision of the 22nd Century if we let things continue as they are, not a pleasant vision of the future. Our thoughtful lead, Ben Richards leaves all the superhero stuff and the 22nd Century players. Very like a Greek mythical legend would go on a journey of discovery to save the future of the planet. The environmental issues of global warming are well discussed and the consequence of bad decisions clearly a warning for all readers. Each of the characters is well fleshed out and all the tech detail felt credible.”
—ALASDAIR GIBSON, Sales Director, Mohn Media UK
“Creative Mark Dowson is at it again, drawing your mind into moments
of imagery and situations that bring characters to life.”
— ADRIENNE MAZZONE, President, TransMedia Group
“I read book 1 and couldn’t wait for book 2. You won’t be disappointed. Book 2 is even faster and more thrilling! You don’t want to put the book down. Mark Dowson with his expertise on wind energy has created a Sci-Fi Thriller, no one else can! An incredible read that truly makes you think about our world.”
—ANNA MARIE PELOSO, Internationally acclaimed Narrator of audiobooks, New Jersey, USA.
“Groundbreaking time travel concept that is original, revolutionary and has never been thought of before, in the world of science fiction. Mark Dowson uses a factual artifact as a mystical form of time-travel. Fascinating!”
—KARTIK SPRATT, Director, Thames Consultancy Services.
“Doctor Richards is back and time traveling and mystery-solving has never been so engaging. Ben Richards is pulled further into a future conspiracy…but has time run out for him and us? A thoroughly entertaining read this ground breaking sequel picks up shortly after the original and looks even deeper into the millenia old mysteries of sator square,”
— CHRISTIAN GRIFFITHS, Sales Executive, Warwick Development, Liverpool