"I could've been a contender. I could've been somebody" - On The Waterfront

ReCo2gnition – I could’ve been somebody

This is one of the most famous iconic speeches in cinematic history and resonates as a zeitgeist of our time with everyone in today’s ever more competitive world wanting to become recognised for a talent, or what they do in their career, or to a voice heard or their story to be told.  It also resonates with my story ReCo2gnition’s guardian angel like character of Merisi, being sent back in time to thwart the assassination of protagonist Dr. Ben Richards and to make sure he becomes that somebody, he could have been.

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Cross over subgenres and themes relating to the story of ReCo2gnition, which has something to interest most readers:

Mental health, Psychological fiction, Climate Change, Artificial Intelligence, AI, Androgyny, Shapeshifting, Dopplegangers, Timetravel, Time travel Romance, Sator Square, Tenet, Time travel portal, Mystery Sci Fi, Crime Thriller, Historical Fiction, Philosophical fiction, Political Fiction, Dystopian, Sci Fi Thriller, Nuclear Disaster, Wind Power, Innovative Renewables, Saving the planet, Armageddon, Post-apocalyptic, Totalitarian, Utilitarian, Capitalism versus Socialism, Individualism versus Collectivism, Oxygen Masks, Assassins, Visionary Fiction, Spiritual fiction, Artefacts, Archaeology, Environment, Geography, Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Flooding, Wind Science, Design Engineering, Future, Community Renewables Generation, Centralised Urban Renewables Generation