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I am in awe that how well researched this book was. The use of pictures & figures just added more to the charm. Mysteries of book 1 are solved as the story unfolds, it focuses on the themes of nuclear energy domination, environmentalism & sustainable solutions.


December 28, 2021

After the events of book 1 were concluded, this book begins where the last left off. There was a dramatic turn of events from that point. I found reading this book to be fascinating and awe-inspiring because it was filled with details that enhanced the plot development. I find it amazing how well the author researched this book. There was something very real and intriguing about the way Covid-19 was incorporated into the plot. The author included a good point about how clean energy can lead to a healthier environment on Earth. He kept the pace moving throughout the book which was engaging. Through the course of the novel, we solve the mystery of this first book, which primarily deals with themes of nuclear energy dominance, environmentalism, and sustainable solutions. The book concluded on a brilliant cliffhanger. I am eagerly looking forward to reading the third book after reading the first two. I had no idea this series was so interesting. My favorite part of Mark Dowson’s book was the way he described his characters. Excellent writing, entertaining, and well-researched. From the very first paragraph, the story intrigues.

Hamza Nisar

January 3, 2022

The second part of the series continues the protagonist onto the world saving mission. Mark’s reference of the COVID-19 pandemic was definitely a smart placement of crisis that could occur as well as the consequences of mankind’s pursuit in the field of nuclear power.

The Bookbutterfly’s Quotage

January 3, 2022

The story starts off from where it was concluded on a cliff hanger in the predecessor: ReCOgnition: Oxygen Debt Part 1 and we see our protagonist; Dr. Richards (the scientist) is now in the hospital as he struggles with memory loss and the readers will be compelled to watch with bated breath as the antagonist; namely Feng, is present beside Dr. Richards in Garzia’s guise; greedy and impatient to know the protagonists plans. Merisi’s true identity is unveiled and the real motive behind his support is revealed further into the story and the time travel element is introduced. The second installment is filled with a potent dose of suspense, intrigue and thrill, that keep the reader on their tiptoes as the story progresses and mysteries unravel. The readers will find themselves glued to the pages as the humans and machines grapple with one another, fighting tooth to nail to attain victory in their motives. The story once again concludes on a cliff hanger, making the reader’s heart squeeze with excitement and an overwhelming urge to know what follows next.

The author has managed to make the plotline even more rich in the second installment by incorporating life-changing real-life events: Corona and Tsunami and elements of time travel, scientific knowledge, environmental activism, climatic change , etc. The fast-paced writing, the witty dialogue and conversational exchange, the spoonfuls of scientific info along with lush and vivid descriptions combine to make this book even more interesting and entertaining than the previous book. This story has potential to secure a slot on the favourites shelf of any science aficionado/ sci-fi plus dystopian fan.


October 2, 2021

ReCO2gnition – Co-Anda 19 Vaccine – Part 2 by Mark Dowson
Eagerly waited for the part two to come out, and of course it didn’t disappoint.
The storyline is very intriguing and fascinating which is a follow up of what author Mark Dowson had narrated in the first part, that contains a lot of ups and down to the point where it will keep your adrenaline rushing inside of you.
ReCO2gnition- Oxygen Debt, part 1 was more about futuristic thinking merged with gratitude, however ReCO2gnition – Co-Anda 19 Vaccine – Part 2 talks more about management, leadership and everything related to corporation.
Dr. Richards is a good man who finds himself in a dangerous situation, he wakes up from a coma where he suffers from a memory loss.
Feng showed strong motive in Part 1 of wanting to kill Richard, but Part 2 has something else to tell
Merisi is an old time traveler man who got the Caravaggio drawings from the artist himself, lending a helping hand to his master Ben.
The book has different aspects of philosophy, but finely written to be understood by whoever reads it.
I liked this book as much as I enjoyed Part 1 of the same author, which helped me build my own opinion about it through my imagination.
I recommend this book if you’re looking for a fresh and innovative way of science fiction books.

Samra Nadir

October 1, 2021

This book picked up right where book 1 ended. And the story took a very dramatic turn from there. This book was filled with lots of details which were essential for the development of plot, but reading those details wasn’t boring at all, I found them fascinating to read, I am in awe that how well researched this book was. The use of pictures & figures just added more to the charm. Mysteries of book 1 are solved as the story unfolds, it focuses on the themes of nuclear energy domination, environmentalism & sustainable solutions. This one ended on a brilliant cliff hanger as well.

After reading the first two book, I am eagerly waiting to read the third one. This series is a whole new experience. Mark Dowson’s writing style reminded me a lot of Dan Brown books. A very well researched, thrilling and an entertaining series. You won’t be able to stop once you start reading it.


July 30, 2023

The first best thing about this book is the artist work that is inside and it takes you to another world while looking at them. It’s beautiful, it’s alarming, it eye catching and it’s compelling. The next best thing is the relevance with Covid 19 because not everyone is able to write about it without making it obvious. Mark didn’t make it too obvious and yet conveyed the message fully. Then the next great thing is the time travel where Dr. Richards travel from 2017 to 2112 which is another interesting part and I absolutely enjoyed it. It ends on a cliffhanger but I found this part super entertaining and equally informative.


August 1, 2023

This part starts off from where part one ended and then this part also ends on a cliffhanger because there’s one more part after this.

It makes me so happy to read different scifi thrillers that are not mainstream scifi thrillers full of difficult vocabulary and hard to understand and they don’t even make sense.

This on the contrary has a proper storyline and plots that are unexpected but enjoyable. It highlights so many environmental and ecological issues. We need to pay more attention towards our surroundings to save our Earth

We need more people like Dr Richards to take the plunge and save the humanity from destroying itself

Alina Tariq

August 2, 2023

Starting from the cover: it’s a unique piece of art. A lot of thought and hardwork is put into it. The cover of the book always plays a major part and Mark has successfully completely in it!!

Talking about the book: this book is a complete package of thrill, action, knowledge, adventure, time travel, environmentalism, ecology, past, present and future. I love how Mark has covered all the topics so smoothly which makes the book 2x more interesting. The writing is easy to understand and there’s no difficult vocabulary unlike other scifi books.

I highly suggest you all to give this series a read and trust me, you won’t regret it!


July 31, 2023

This book is fantastic in terms of everything because it has 2x more thrill, action and fun than the first part. The pictures attached has made this part 10x more interesting because you are reading and lost in the book and suddenly the pictures come in between and you go to an entirely different world. The pictures are so thoughtfully drawn and put together that they are alarming and thought provoking. The time travel in this part is also another plus that gives you dark vibes but ends on a positive note to not use nuclear energy and secure the earth. Hands down the best scifi thriller ever


August 1, 2023

This part should become the New York times best seller because it’s actually that good

I think small authors should be given the chance and recognition they deserve; based on the quality of their books

Recognition co-anda 19 is a fabulous book that has covered all the scifi aspects and it has highlighted the wrong doings of humans towards Mother Earth, and it has maintained its entertainment so the readers don’t lose interest

This should definitely turn into a movie so the whole world can watch it!!!

Ahmed Zia

August 3, 2023

This part really amazed me with all the facts, figures, drawings and the concept of using wind energy. I don’t think anyone is really paying attention towards the destructive effects that only our nature is experiencing. We are continuously utilising our resources and at the end what? We’ll move to Mars? That’s impossible otherwise everyone would’ve fled by now. This book plays an essential part in the ecology, economy, history and future. I highly suggest everyone out there to read this book and thank me later.

Arwaa Karim

November 13, 2022

Book 1 ended on an intense cliffhanger so this one begins from there. This part is more informative and educative as compared to part 1. It has all the elements and important aspects explained in detail and smartly. The visuals are so attractive that it’s hard to ignore them. More of Dr. Ben Richard’s disappearing story unfolds and many hidden secrets come into the open. Mark has done a marvellous job. He’s an outstanding author.


August 2, 2023

This has a covid 19 reference and that’s the reason I signed up for this book. It tells u about the air pollution and how it was responsible for covid 19. We all have suffered the covid era in a terrible manner and can’t imagine to go back in that time. But imagine it becoming a permanent reality? That’s shocking right? So the author wants his readers to pay attention on the planet and how we are destroying it because in no time we all will be domed and there won’t be any way out!


August 3, 2023

Brilliantly written piece of art! The drawings and illustrations are true art. The story is very progressive and it gives marvel movie vibes. The time travel is a winner because it’s the best scene of this book and it’s action-packed. Loved this part and now I’m excited to read the next one.