Ursula K. Le Guin coined the term social science fiction book almost a century back. Per her, it meant a description of speculative fiction that explores social evolution, alternatives, change, and how science influences human relationships, then the mechanics or technology.

Now, we have different genres of science fiction like cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic, and semi-speculative science narratives. Different kinds of readers prefer one genre to another. Here we have Mark Dowson, a science fiction writer hailing from United Kingdom. He has masters in wind energy research and is a frequent visiting lecturer and examiner at Bedfordshire University.


Mark penned down a social science fiction book trilogy with his knowledge and experience while completing his research. Reco2gnition Part I and II are best-selling science fiction series with a social message hidden in the narrative.

Suppose you step on questions, such as what if our world runs short on oxygen someday, what if we do not survive a pandemic, what if a mad scientist never manages to create a vaccine to save humanity, or if time travel is a bogus thing, often. Then, it would be best if you got your hands on this trilogy.

Reviewers described this social science fiction book as an incredibly current story, given its environmental links and aims. In a constantly changing genre, this book is a popular read. In addition, the technology the writer has created and defined would definitely interest and entertain a reader.

Whether you are a fan of Jules Verne, H.G Wells, Arthur C. Clarke, or Isaac Asimov, you know the need for modern sci-fi novels in today’s world is a cherry on the cake. While we are battling against a pandemic, stories are keeping us sane.

Read a book about a dystopian society in 2112, where United Nations Authority wants to stop GIATCOM—a private sector organization continuing to follow a philosophy of investing in disruptive technologies like androids, nuclear power, and avoiding research and investment in sustainable design and renewable sources to combat climate change.

With Mark Dowson’s Reco2gnition: Oxygen Debt and Reco2gnition: Co-anda 19 Vaccine, you can rejoice and read how the protagonist saves humanity or not. The whole story will give you the vibe of a new science fiction emerging as a blend of factual research and imagination. This trilogy is an exciting fictional mystery thriller with the likes of new technologies, time travel, and one vaccine to save humanity.

Order this social science fiction book, fiction adventure book on Amazon or the official website and mark it in your calendar as to read. This book is unputdownable with fantastic narrative and likeable characters—exciting descriptions of how technology affects our society with a hidden social message we should learn.