The Inspiration for the main characters came from the following:

  • The Protagonist Ben Richards was inspired by Stephen King’s novel character in his novel ‘The Running Man’, as I felt in his mind he is running away from his troubles due to his PTSD.  I also felt that due to the protagonist’s trauma, he suffered frequent flashbacks similar to James Stewart in Vertigo.  Vertigo has a big influence on ReCo2gnition’s story being similar with its story line, where the main antagonist disguises her true identity and takes advantage of the protagonist’s trauma.


  • The character Tony Clarke was inspired by a real life character I looked upon implementing the protagonist’s ideas with, for Northampton Football Club in 2010.  Although I have never formerly met Tony, so the character is not like for like but more fictitious.

  • The character Grazia Rossini was inspired by a real life Italian pen friend with the same name I used to write to from the age of 13- 15.


  • Merisi was inspired by Clint Eastwood’s ‘Blondie’ in the film ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’, acting as the guardian angel protecting the protagonist.

  • Caravaggio’s character was inspired by the artist’s use of  ‘dark versus light, good versus evil’ themes in his drawings, and used in the story.

  • The character Shui Feng was inspired by the Chinese strong super power and economic growth that they have today, and that we fear in the West.