I call upon the government to rethink their large infrastructure investment strategy once we come out of lockdown, for not only the health of our economy, environment and future job creation within the UK.

We still require rail investment programmes but not over £5 billion to be wasted on the HS2 programme. This should be scrapped and redistributed to much better large scale water engineering programmes such as hydropower and flood protection programmes in regions of the UK.

Sustaining the environment through the correct use of utilities and power generation to help climate change should be a core element of the national curriculum. Making Geography, Mathematics and Science key subjects at an early age to help create new job creation within civil engineering in the future of the UK’s employment agenda. We need more jobs within civil engineering specifically Water engineering rather than being wasted on more traditional sectors of the construction industry such as architecture and building. Architecture and building projects are not going to change society and climate change, the correct civil engineering projects will.

The #Dutch built cities on sinking land: how will this fair with #climatechange?

What fascinates me is how the UK could take a leaf from the Dutch’s book and protect our #floodplains by creating dikes – walls in strategically located coastal areas that can create a barrier for flood protection to flood plain areas. Whilst in some cases other strategically located coastal areas where a high risk of flooding is stemmed from could let the waterfall into manmade basins to create a lake/#reservoir for the water to spill into so that the construction of micro or large hydropower electricity plants on a regional, national or as an international conglomerate can be made. This would ultimately reduce the risk of increased flooding or drought in the future at the same time as generating large scale clean and more cost-effective renewable energy.

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The challenges of climate change

#Climatechange brings new challenges as tides are rising and storms are getting fiercer. Instead of denying that climate change is real, the Dutch are taking a seemingly counterintuitive approach by letting water in. That means devising #lakes the water can spill into. Why can’t we? Sometimes our problem becomes our solution, and our weakness becomes our strength.
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