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ReCO2gnition – Oxygen Debt – Part One | Climate Change Thriller Book

ReCO2gnition – Oxygen Debt – Part One | Climate Change Thriller Book

If you are feeling like you would like to read a time travel romance with a dystopian main theme this Christmas, please purchase my mystery sci fi thriller- ReCO2gnition – Oxygen Debt – part one. You won’t be disappointed with this first novel as part of a trilogy. It has themes of Androids versus Humanoids, Climate Change, Nuclear Disaster, Time Travel, Assassination and a Deadly Drug.

Can a scientist prevent shapeshifting Androids from destroying the planet?

TENET- read the book?

ReCO2gnition is the book where the original concept of using the SATOR Square as a way of time travel was first introduced and copyrighted in 2019.…
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ReCO2gnition – radio interview with the author

Hello everyone, please click on the sound cloud link below to listen to my radio interview for my Debut Dystopian Sci Fi novel – ReCo2gnition – Oxygen debt – Part one, which has themes within the story which are very apt and current in today’s world right now and has something for everyone to enjoy. Once clicked on the Chat and Spin radio link please slide the scale along to 2hrs and 30 mins to when my interview starts on the show. I hope you enjoy reading my book.…/tuesday-29th-september…

Thanks Mark

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