Read ReCo2gnition, a science fiction book in UK from a best-selling science fiction book writer in UK. This book series is a plot-driven novel with characters you cannot help but adore. Do you want to read something that speaks a blend of science fiction, social science, art, philosophy, and architecture?

Reading science fiction is like transporting to another world and experiencing what a human can achieve. Literature is a whole universe itself. Genres have sub-genres, and sub-genres have their parts. Whether you prefer to read a dystopian science fiction book or a time travel science fiction, the sci-fi genre never fails to amaze a reader.

Why You Choose Mark Dowson for Science Fiction Book in UK

For decades, science fiction has dominated our world. It still does, yet readers find themselves in a repetitive loop in the sense of new and unimaginable technologies. It does not matter how often authors reimagine Frankenstein or Foundation; nothing is available that could speak different images.

Today, you can get your hands on a science fiction book in UK that is intelligent, research-based, has memorable characters, and includes a well-crafted thriller experience with fantastic pace. Mark Dowson, a science fiction book writer in UK with his personal wind energy research at masters’ level, has penned a science fiction story that will stay with you until the last page.

Currently, a visiting lecturer and examiner on Leadership and Strategic Operations Management on International MBA and Masters Project and Operations Management courses at Bedfordshire University, the author has finished writing down three books of the same series.

His books describe the perfection of blending crime, romance, mystery, and sci-fi in a single book. The books deal with the current conditions of our world and a clever take on mental health. The two books in this series you must read before you die—ReCo2gnition: Oxygen Debt and ReCo2gnition: Co-anda 19 Vaccine.

If you are a hard-core science fiction book UK fan, you cannot miss the chance of reading ReCo2gnition and its sequels. The reading may require a little more concentration, yet the magic of such a captivating story will engulf you. It could happen that you do not stop reading and try to find more from the best-selling science fiction book writer in UK.

The whole series is a great read, if not dull and lethargic. The author has carefully chosen words for each character description and the story’s pace. You will have your mind blown with time-shifting and hi-tech technology, offering a vision of the next century and giving a reader the present and post-apocalyptic world where a nearly mad scientist is trying to save humanity from the brink of extinction.

Interestingly, the world has seen and experienced the longest-running TV show and created character Doctor Who. The super fans of any Fiction Adventure Books knows and expects a science fiction story giving the chills and thrills of Doctor Who. What would you do if we suggest you already have a science fiction book in UK, with a keep-guessing story and characters that leave you desiring more? Check out Mark Dowson, an unmissable and unputdownable science fiction book writer in UK.