Two paintings that inspired the theme of Dr. Ben Richards’ transformation.
  • Christ of Saint John of the Cross
  •  Corpus Hypercubus- UFO Resurrection


The meaning of inspiration from Salvador Dali’s Christ of Saint John of the Cross.

Heroes symbolise our spiritual journeys of leaving everything behind entering the unknown, encountering countless unconscious monsters, and finally returning back home with a sense of renewed fulfilment and wisdom.

With guidance, willpower and persistence, we can make our way through to the top of the mountain.

In the end we will find that the spiritual journey is like a mystical marriage between the ego, the soul, and the spirit. One cannot exist without the other.

Ego is the personality, boldness.

Soul is the senses, the intellect.

Spirit is the belief the harmony of ego and soul connecting with God of holiness.

“The need for us to consciously grow into our divine potential”, Mateo Sol.

Other mythical stories that influenced the hero theme were;

  • Orpheus descended into underworld to rescue Eurydice from Hades
  • Perseus Receives Gifts from the Gods.  Perseus, who was the son of Zeus, had help from the gods on his quest to find and behead Medusa. Hades, god of the underworld, gave Perseus the cap of invisibility. Hermes, god of travel, gave Perseus a pair of winged sandals. Athena, god of women, gave Perseus a reflective bronze shield, and Hephaestus, god of fire and the forge, gave Perseus a sword.


The meaning of inspiration from the painting ‘Corpus Hypercubus’- UFO Resurrection by Salvador Dali.

Dali drew this during dystopian times, when we were in the midst of the cold war in 1954, with fear of nuclear attack either from the East or the West.  Hence the reference to the UFO ambiguously depicting a nuclear explosion.

The Ascension of raising your spirit can be true life, contradicting that alien life cannot be true life and can be a representation of death represented by the nuclear outer rim exploding.

By glorifying the act of ascension into heaven and the possibility of alien life, achieves a paradoxical effect of making both mythical but at the same time believe that these different myths are true and could happen, is the essence of believing and being spiritual.

The ascension of Christ being taken up into a UFO is contradictory, as the ascension of Christ represents his spirit not his body being able to descend from heaven, unlike the picture depicting his body being taken physically by an alien life form.

It is paradoxical in glorifying the myth of alien life being real, when it’s the transformation of our spirits that can be real and not a myth. Underpinning spiritual uprising as being real, and alien life forms as being a myth.

Ascension is the process of spiritual awakening that moves you into a higher level of consciousness.

The aliens represent the android assassins, who are to take Dr. Ben Richard’s ideas, however they cannot take his ideas without taking his spirit from the person they have taken the ideas from, as the ideas are futile without the passion to deliver the belief in which it has come from or the ideas will not succeed.

The spirit of the idea cannot be taken; it ascends to heaven and descends back to earth to be amongst us.


The meaning of inspiration for the  ‘Adapted UFO Resurrection’ drawing in my story.

ReCO2gnition human destruction illustration

It is an adaptation of the UFO Resurrection drawing, which reflects Dr. Ben Richards as the protagonist transforming his ego and soul represented by his spirit ascending from the evil that surrounds him to being renewed through his belief and vision in reality.


The protagonist’s journey of finding and developing self wisdom, sends a message which symbolises:

What you think is your weakness is actually your strength!

Celebrate being different and be proud to be different, it gives you an advantage over others, and to help others at the same time!