ReCOgnition – new Time Travel

The SATOR SQUARE is unsolved and a mystery, which is why it perfectly represents time travel symbolically as a mystery.

If you could only choose one of the below which one would you choose?


Or would you choose a new kind of time travel that not only can teleport but has more historical, religious, mythological, mystical, and archaeological qualities?

Surely this is far more interesting and perfectly represents the dawn of a new era of time travel, does it not?

Time travel concepts which use archaeological and ancient worshipping relics in my opinion are the best and the ultimate form of imaginative time travel concepts!

The SATOR SQUARE is the perfect example of imaginatively using an archaeological and ancient relic of worship that can be used as a time travel portal, due to it’s mystical, puzzle and palindrome qualities. It implies that time can be reversed or moved forward, as symbolised by the words being able to be read backwards and forward.

The word TENET is a palindrome that can be read the same backwards and forwards and could signify that time could be changed in the past or the future which impacts the present due to a change in the past or future.

The Sator Square