Book Cover 'The Faith Seekers'


Last Days Of the Thunder Child


ReCO2gnition’s graphic illustrations have been created by Pete Moran.

Pete is an extremely talented artist and graphic illustrator who has developed a very credible portfolio of commercial art for his clients.

Please check out his website for references to his artwork:

Pete has worked with me on delivering my concept art through art direction to final executed graphic illustrations for my book.  He has also worked on delivering my concept art and art direction to a produce a promotional video production for my story.  His ability to empathise with design realisation and to take concept design through to final execution is absolutely outstanding. Like he reads your vision and is able to paint it in a magical way that represents exactly what you desire to have as a visual.  Please get in touch with Pete if you require similar work executed for your book or commercial venture.  I can’t recommend him enough.  His pictures speak a thousand words.


Future of Motoring


Ice Palace