ReCo2gnition- Inspired by real life character’s belief in vision

Back in 2010, I approached Tony Clarke a Director for Northampton Football club at the time with my proposal for an innovative stadium roof mounted turbine array to be test piloted on the redevelopment of the newly planned NFC’s stadium roof.
To my surprise Tony’s response was positive, little did I know he had big green ambitions and would go on to have future work with the Green Party. I obviously had made a good impression with my proposed vision for his football club to adopt a greener strategy at the time. It also seems that we both inspired each other at the time, as I went on to include his real life character in my story.

ReCo2gnition- Community Renewable Energy Generation

Are we investing in the correct technologies right now, and are we prioritising this investment?

Should it be Disruptive Technologies such as AI robots, Nuclear Energy, Space Age, Advanced Rail Networks or Innovative Renewable Energy such as Hydropower and Urban Wind Energy?
What technology investment takes precedence, as the global atmosphere increases its Oxygen Debt?
Should we invest in HS2 or Community Hydropower?

ReC02gnition- Urban Wind Energy Generation

The rapid growth of large-scale wind farm installations has now led to the generation of clean electricity for tens of millions of homes around the world. However, despite the potential to reduce the losses and costs associated with transmission and to use local wind acceleration techniques to improve energy yields, the potential for urban wind energy has yet to be realised.

ReCo2gnition- Excerpt from the story

Something that is central to my idea is the Coanda Effect, which is named after another genius, the Romanian scientist and pioneer Henri Coanda. This relates to the behaviour of gases and fluids and is the mechanism by which a stream of air sort of sticks itself to a flat roof as it passes over it.

ReCo2gnition’s scientific philosophy to change global economy

An Innovative Hydropower plant would not only create renewable energy from water, but also help curb rising flood water levels by creating a large scale flood defense and help local regional Sustainable Urban Drainage systems as well as create reservoirs for supply of water during future droughts around the country.

ReCo2gnition- Reinventing the urban sports stadium

By better integrating stadiums into the larger urban context, and by safely and sustainably offering a greater array of diverse and hi-tech offerings, stadiums can contribute more to cities and use their expensive real estate more efficiently.

Hurricane Dorian- What is the true death toll?

if proved correct in verifying a more logical estimate of 45,000 deaths from Hurricane Dorian, then this would mean it would be a substantial increase in deaths from a hurricane in recent times by more than tenfold, and the largest death fatality by a hurricane of all time, by two fold. This would seriously imply that Climate change due to increases in ocean temperatures would be responsible for creating such a large amount of moisture in the air precipitated from the oceans over heating and more warm air rising than usual in more recent years!