ReCognition – Oxygen Debt – Inspiration for the Characters

The story uses the mystical palindrome TENET within the Sator Square as a time travel portal to save the world from being in oxygen debt from climate change and nuclear disasters. The main antagonist is a Chinese Shapeshifting Time Travelling Android Warrior which was inspired by the Chinese strong super power and economic growth that they have today, and that we fear in the West.

ReCO2gnition – Oxygen Debt & Viruses

The contagion of viruses are exacerbated in environments where poor air quality is caused due to a depletion in oxygen levels from increased CO2 emissions and dense populations, compared to other locations in the world.
It is each and everyone’s responsibility to Recognise that there is an oxygen debt in the poorer air quality and more densely populated locations of the world, and Rethink ways to increase oxygen levels to improve air quality.

ReCo2gniton – Visionary Leaders must take leaf out of the Dutch’s book

What fascinates me is how the UK could take a leaf from the Dutch’s book and protect our flood plains by creating dikes – walls in strategically located coastal areas that can create a barrier for flood protection to flood plain areas. Whilst in some cases other strategically located coastal areas where high risk of flooding is stemmed from, could let water fall into manmade basins to create a lake/reservoir for the water to spill into, so that the construction of micro or large hydropower electricity plants on a regional, national or as an international conglomerate can be made. This would ultimately reduce the risk of increase flooding or drought in the future at the same time as generating large scale clean and more cost effective renewable energy..
Climate change brings new challenges as tides are rising and storms are getting fiercer. Instead of denying that climate change is real, like Trump, the Dutch are taking a seemingly counterintuitive approach by letting water in. That means devising lakes the water can spill into. Why can’t we? Sometimes our problem becomes our solution, and our weakness becomes our strength.

ReCo2gnition – Hydropower – the holy grail to climate change

At the start of my career in construction whilst working on the redevelopment of the Gravesend Canal Basin as part of the Thames Gateway project in the UK in 2005, it was discovered that one of the locks was rediscovered under a disused car park. This gave me the idea that many disused brown field sites could be used as specific new canal basin or extension to an existing canal basin purposefully built to help both flood defence through channelling the rising sea level into the canal basin and in the process creating hydroelectric power from the tide flowing in from the Thames estuary and into the canal basin.

ReCO2gnition- a work of art which represents Spiritual fiction.

The Visionary Fiction Alliance defines the term thus: “Visionary Fiction embraces spiritual and esoteric wisdom, often from ancient sources, and makes it relevant for our modern life. These gems of wisdom are brought forth in story form and in a way that readers can experience the wisdom from within themselves.

In my opinion as the author of the book, it is my proudest achievement to create such a work of art that brings together so many subgenres of science and speculative fiction alongside critical themes of our time such as climate change and mental health into one story, which is told philosophically about seeking to find the inner hero in ourselves to overcome adversity personally and environmentally. But most of all for my story to be classified as Visionary Fiction, which in my opinion is the highest achievement an author can gain in creative writing, as it can influence readers imaginatively with a moral compass to help improve the world we live in.

ReCo2gnition- I could’ve been somebody

Cross over subgenres and themes relating to the story of ReCo2gnition, which has something to interest most readers:

Mental health, Psychological fiction, Climate Change, Artificial Intelligence, AI, Androgyny, Shapeshifting, Dopplegangers, Timetravel, Time travel Romance, Sator Square, Tenet, Time travel portal, Mystery Sci Fi, Crime Thriller, Historical Fiction, Philosophical fiction, Political Fiction, Dystopian, Sci Fi Thriller, Nuclear Disaster, Wind Power, Innovative Renewables, Saving the planet, Armageddon, Post-apocalyptic, Totalitarian, Utilitarian, Capitalism versus Socialism, Individualism versus Collectivism, Oxygen Masks, Assassins, Visionary Fiction, Spiritual fiction, Artefacts, Archeology, Environment, Geography, Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Flooding, Wind Science, Design Engineering, Future, Community Renewables Generation, Centralised Urban Renewables Generation

ReCo2gnition- The Politics and Plot

UNA believe getting the past correct with Richards’ innovative ideas and designs being implemented in the present not in the future will change the course of history, due too much damage already caused by nuclear and climate change disasters in the future. UNA are willing to sacrifice themselves in the future, for a new past (which is present) to prosper and avoid Armageddon in the future from climate change and nuclear disasters.