We all want recognition for what we do in our working lives, we all want to be heard, as we value the importance of self-awareness and achievement. We all want to make a name for ourselves in whatever career we choose more so in today’s world.

The title name of the book ReCO₂gnition has stemmed from the following ideas:

–         the protagonist desires to be recognised for his work and ideas, and for people to notice him psychologically,

–         the protagonist being able to recognise the disguise of his shapeshifting antagonists,

–         the ambiguity of the word also implies us to rethink our carbon emissions and climate change agenda through better and more innovative designs, which the protagonist is promoting,

–         to recognise our own identity in the world and what our mission and purpose is, to be fulfilled.  Our purpose is likely shaped by our personal experiences, like that of the protagonist’s.  Once we know our identity and purpose, we can then free ourselves mentally and fully express our creativity.

The title name of book one -‘Oxygen Debt’, was inspired by the story having a dystopian future, where there is lack of oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere due to climate change and nuclear disasters. Both humans and genetically engineered organisms such as androids and cyborg humanoids regularly wear oxygen masks. I was also inspired by the term ‘Oxygen debt’ used in running, due to my experience as an amateur athlete. When there is not enough oxygen in your body to break down the glucose for energy to power the muscles during intense exercise and so produces oxygen debt.