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ReCognition – New promotional video

I hope you enjoy ‘Oxygen Debt – part one’, enough to want to read part two and three? Only you can help sales of book one to determine book two and three being published. Let’s hope sales of part one is sufficient enough to enable part two and three to become published. Thanks for reading!

ReCOgnition – new Time Travel

The word TENET is a palindrome that can be read the same backwards as forwards, which could imply that time could be changed in the past or the future which would impact the present due to this change in the past or future.

ReCO2gnition – Graphic Illustration by Pete Moran

Pete has worked with me on delivering my concept art through art direction to final executed graphic illustrations for my book. He has also worked on delivering my concept art and art direction to a produce a promotional video production for my story. His ability to empathise with design realisation and to take concept design through to final execution is absolutely outstanding.

ReCO2gnition- Captures the Zeitgeist

The story uses the mystical palindrome TENET within the Sator Square as a time travel portal to save the world from being in oxygen debt from climate change and nuclear disasters. The main antagonist is a Chinese Shapeshifting Time Travelling Android Warrior which was inspired by the Chinese strong super power and economic growth that they have today, and that we fear in the West.

Scrap HS2 & Invest in Hydropower & Flood Protection!

Scrap HS2 & Invest in Hydropower & Flood Protection!

I call upon the government to rethink their large infrastructure investment strategy once we come out of lockdown, for not only the health of our economy, environment and future job creation within the UK. We still require rail investment programmes but not over £5 billion to be wasted on the HS2 programme. This should be scrapped and redistributed to much better large scale water engineering programmes such as hydropower and flood protection programmes in regions of the UK.