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ReCO2gnition- a work of art which represents Spiritual fiction.

The Visionary Fiction Alliance defines the term thus: “Visionary Fiction embraces spiritual and esoteric wisdom, often from ancient sources, and makes it relevant for our modern life. These gems of wisdom are brought forth in story form and in a way that readers can experience the wisdom from within themselves.

In my opinion as the author of the book, it is my proudest achievement to create such a work of art that brings together so many subgenres of science and speculative fiction alongside critical themes of our time such as climate change and mental health into one story, which is told philosophically about seeking to find the inner hero in ourselves to overcome adversity personally and environmentally. But most of all for my story to be classified as Visionary Fiction, which in my opinion is the highest achievement an author can gain in creative writing, as it can influence readers imaginatively with a moral compass to help improve the world we live in.

ReCo2gnition- I could’ve been somebody

Cross over subgenres and themes relating to the story of ReCo2gnition, which has something to interest most readers:

Mental health, Psychological fiction, Climate Change, Artificial Intelligence, AI, Androgyny, Shapeshifting, Dopplegangers, Timetravel, Time travel Romance, Sator Square, Tenet, Time travel portal, Mystery Sci Fi, Crime Thriller, Historical Fiction, Philosophical fiction, Political Fiction, Dystopian, Sci Fi Thriller, Nuclear Disaster, Wind Power, Innovative Renewables, Saving the planet, Armageddon, Post-apocalyptic, Totalitarian, Utilitarian, Capitalism versus Socialism, Individualism versus Collectivism, Oxygen Masks, Assassins, Visionary Fiction, Spiritual fiction, Artefacts, Archeology, Environment, Geography, Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Flooding, Wind Science, Design Engineering, Future, Community Renewables Generation, Centralised Urban Renewables Generation

ReCo2gnition- The Politics and Plot

UNA believe getting the past correct with Richards’ innovative ideas and designs being implemented in the present not in the future will change the course of history, due too much damage already caused by nuclear and climate change disasters in the future. UNA are willing to sacrifice themselves in the future, for a new past (which is present) to prosper and avoid Armageddon in the future from climate change and nuclear disasters.

ReCo2gnition- Fantastical Cocktail of Subgenres

A fantastical cocktail of Sci Fi subgenres which include philosophical, psychological, historical and political fiction, that is intertwined into a story of Time Travel Romance, which highlights the two core themes of modern times – the protagonist’s struggle to overcome his own ‘Mental health’ and the arc of the story being about ‘Climate change’.

ReCo2gnition – TENET – a time travel concept

I first came across the word TENET as a child, when my Uncle James talked to me about the history and the mysticism of the word being used as a palindrome within the magical Sator Square.
I became fascinated with the mystery of what does it mean? And how it is configured? Within an array of words which all read the same forward and backward within a square formation, like some sort of magical puzzle that made me want to solve the mystery of it’s meaning.
It is this real life experience that inspired me to create TENET as the reversal of time concept within a real life ancient artefact that is the SATOR SQUARE. Given the fact that TENET can be read in reverse in the form of a spiritual cross formation, which adds to it’s mystical qualities.

ReCo2gnition – Magic Portals

In the UK’s 500 word short story competition for children, a popular theme amongst many children writing fiction, included writing about ‘Magic portals’. This shows a growing trend towards liking fantasy and time travel from our youth of today.

ReCo2gnition – Scriptwriter’s review

Mark Dowson is not only an author who is aware of the issues concerning climate change and the need for an alternative energy clean energy source, he is also a professional working in the field, whom has copyrighted the design layout and system of the very technology he writes about in his trilogy of books.