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ReCo2gnition’s scientific philosophy to change global economy

An Innovative Hydropower plant would not only create renewable energy from water, but also help curb rising flood water levels by creating a large scale flood defense and help local regional Sustainable Urban Drainage systems as well as create reservoirs for supply of water during future droughts around the country.

Hurricane Dorian- What is the true death toll?

if proved correct in verifying a more logical estimate of 45,000 deaths from Hurricane Dorian, then this would mean it would be a substantial increase in deaths from a hurricane in recent times by more than tenfold, and the largest death fatality by a hurricane of all time, by two fold. This would seriously imply that Climate change due to increases in ocean temperatures would be responsible for creating such a large amount of moisture in the air precipitated from the oceans over heating and more warm air rising than usual in more recent years!

ReCo2gnition- There is no Plan B!

There is growing evidence that the warming of the atmosphere and upper ocean, due to human activity such as burning fossil fuels, is making conditions ripe for fiercer, more destructive hurricanes. Climate breakdown is tinkering with hurricanes in a variety of ways. More moisture in the air means more rain, while storms are intensifying more quickly but often stalling once they hit land, resulting in torrential downpours that cause horrendous flooding.

ReCO2gnition- Part 1 Oxygen Debt: Press Release

‘ReCO2gnition’ brings together in a Sci Fi political thriller; dystopia, crime, mystery, adventure, romantic time travel, with core themes of religion, art history, androgyny, and an intimate look at the protagonist’s struggle with PTSD, to throw readers into a future world where global destruction is imminent, but time travel could save humanity for good.